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Offroad one on one lessons are done with two way radio communication. Radio headsets allow us to explain techniques and make corrections on the fly. This maximizes the lesson time. We work with all ages and bike sizes.

During the lesson we will cover:

  • Energy management

  • Proper form

  • Line selection

  • Cornering

  • Logs

  • Braking

  • Weight distribution

  • Mitigating challenging situations

  • Trail etiquette

We can recommend locations or come to you.

Motocross lessons on private and public tracks also available.

2 Hour One-on-One Lesson

  • For single day tours and private lessons, we provide full refunds for cancellations made up to seven days before the scheduled trip or course date. There are no refunds for any cancellations made with less than seven days notice.

    For multi-day tours and group lessons, a full refund will be given for cancellations make up to 30 days before the trip and a 50% refund will be given for cancellations made up to 21 days before the trip. No refunds will be given for cancellation to multi-day tours and group lessons made with less than 21 days of the first day of the trip or lesson.

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